About Richard

Black and White headshot of Richard B. Dwyer

Richard B. Dwyer came into the world in Burlingame, CA sometime before the first man landed on the moon. His father, Lt.Col. William Richard Dwyer was long retired from the army and thirty years older than his mother. His parents met and married in Las Vegas and were in the Bay Area chasing the ponies when Richard was born. Richard’s birth certificate has a home address on Fremont Street in Vegas. The family left Vegas one night, temporarily moving to Missouri, to escape the threat of bodily harm due to gambling debts. From Missouri the family moved to Miami and then to Tampa where Richard graduated from T. R. Robinson High School.

At 17 Richard enlisted in the Marines on the delayed enlistment program, and two weeks after graduation, at 17 1/2 years old, Richard found himself at the front gate of Parris Island, SC wondering what the hell had he gotten himself into. Ten years later Richard had moved up in the ranks and while attending the Field Artillery Officer Basic course in Ft. Sill, OK, he discovered he had a talent for writing after achieving a perfect score on a military book review assignment. However, military life as a combat arms officer with a family did not leave much time for writing. It would be several more years before Richard would return to school and complete his MFA in Creative Writing.

Leaving active duty after completing his three-year obligation as an officer, Richard later served in the Marine Corps Reserve as an infantry officer and in the Nevada Army National Guard as an armor officer. The funny thing is that after serving in three combat arms branches in two services, Richard never saw a shot fired in anger. On the plus side, he doesn’t suffer from PTSD and still has all of his body parts.

The Demon Pool is Richard’s debut novel. He is currently working on his second novel, The Magicians of Egypt featuring his protagonist from The Demon Pool, Jim Demore. A third Jim Demore novel, Midnight in a Dark Kingdom, is planned for 2019.