Richard Dwyer

I admire writers who knew early on that that is what they wanted to be and then set a path to accomplishing that goal to the exclusion of all other possibilities.  I especially admire writers who came to writing later in life, maybe after spending years in another profession, never losing the dream of seeing their words in print. That is my story. After years of starts and stops, I am finally (almost) ready to release my debut novel – the supernatural thriller The Demon Pool. I will self-publish, as I am not willing to wait years (or decades) trying to get through the gatekeepers at the major publishing houses. I don’t have that kind of time. On the other hand, I would not reject an offer of representation if an agent happened to read The Demon Pool and thought that he or she could sell the rights to a traditional publisher (not holding my breath).

Fortunately, I have had some professional writing experience as a curriculum developer and as a trainer for the military, state government, and in the private sector. Additionally, I went back to school later in life and received my MFA in Creative Writing. While I believe my writing has improved immeasurably, I still have much to learn (as my two editors for The Demon Pool have so aptly demonstrated). Yet, I am secure in the knowledge that I can put a story together and then get the story written – in spite of my personal and work limitations, and occasional failures.

Working full-time while trying to carve out a writing life is a challenge. It can be exhausting, spiritually and physically. It can be frustrating, knowing that rejection is the most likely outcome. Yet, just getting the story down – finally writing “The End” – is enormously satisfying. If I sell just one copy of The Demon Pool I will have achieved some small level of success. If I sell more than a thousand then I will probably dance in the street (watch for the YouTube video – Pasty White Irish Boy Dancing in the Street).

My second novel, The Magicians of Egypt, is in the works. My hero from The Demon Pool, Jim Demore, finds himself facing a new supernatural evil on idyllic Maui, Hawaii. Watch for it in 2017.